Virtual sleepover

In August, Gillingham East District ran virtual sleepovers for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

The girls took part in activities based on the Guiding Light badge, the Cupcake Challenge badge and the Great Camp at Home badge and each attendee received all three badges at the end of the camp.

Each group took part in three virtual sessions and  were set activities to do in between each session.

The leaders delivered packs to each girl before the event containing some of the items they would need, instructions for parents, their mug cake sachet and most importantly their badges.

the girls and parents really enjoyed the sleepover.

As part of the sleepover we asked the girls to think about what they have enjoyed most during their time in Girlguiding and also what they would like to do when they return to the meeting place. It was lovely to hear what they had enjoyed and it was surprising that the things they mentioned were the little things we do together in the meetings, the games we play all together, as well as the trips or nights away. The Rainbows miss the leaders and playing games together like sleeping lions, duck duck goose and hedgehogs.  The Guides and Rangers miss having a chat, doing craft and cooking together. The first thing they want to do is chat and have a welcome back picnic. They also want to do book folding, make bracelets, make armpit fudge and have a District Fun Day/get together so that they can see everyone.